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An ethical approach to research

An ethical approach to research

We are registered as an Independent Member at the South African Marketing Research Association and adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Marketing and Social Research. Follow this link for a complete copy of the guidelines.







In short, our ethical code of conduct states:

EnviroPsych Research endeavors to conform to all national laws in South Africa.

EnviroPsych Research shall act ethically as stipulated in the ICC ESOMAR International code of Ethics to which the South African Market Research Association subscribe, and not do anything that might damage the reputation of market researchers in its broad sense.

EnviroPsych Research shall take special care when carrying out research with children and young people.

Respondents’ participation in any research project is always voluntary.

Respondents are not misled about the purposes of the research.

Respondents always know who to contact directly in case of any queries about the research.

Respondents are private individuals. Their rights in terms of privacy, willingness to participate and consent will be respected.

Personal data will never be sold.

Clients do not have access to personally identifying information of respondents.

EnviroPsych Research endeavor to collect, analyze and report on data accurately, transparently and objectively, making clear distinction between findings and recommendations emanating from those findings.


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